Be still, my heart! (Or, you know, another part of my anatomy)

Ok, I found him – my perfect spanking match. I was looking for videos to satisfy my random spanking needs. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I get in a mood to see an authoritative man give a hard spanking to a girl while lecturing her sternly. I loooove hearing “young lady,” “girl,” etc. I love to hear him rehashing what she did wrong and why she’s in trouble. And I like for the spanking to be hard and sometimes fast – none of that playing around and lightly swatting, then massaging, then lightly tapping. Come on now!

My search lead me to SpankingTube, where I found him:

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He’s PERFECT. He’s stern and his voice is just deep enough. He doesn’t yell – he calmly lectures as he spanks OTK with a firm hand. I ended up watching at least 20 of his videos and they ALL gave me goosebumps and made my stomach drop (in a good way).

Here are some of the very specific things he does that scratch my spanko itch in precisely the right way:

  • The way he rolls up his sleeves while telling the girl over his knee how disappointed he is in her and how she’s about to be punished. Something about seeing a man matter-of-factly roll up his sleeves has always given me a thrill!
  • The way he calmly but authoritatively takes off his belt when needed.
  • His confidence – Everything he does feels very purposeful. When he pauses, you can tell that he’s letting the lesson sink in. There’s no doubt about who’s in charge!
  • The actual spanking technique – solid. You KNOW it hurts. And in the middle of the spanking he goes hard and fast, regardless of how much the girl is squirming around. He doesn’t even make an issue of the fact that she squirms – he just holds her down and keeps spanking.

This man makes me MELT. He’s a no-nonsense alpha male. I feel like he’s going to be playing a large part in my fantasies from now on…

He also kind of makes me wish I’d explored getting spanked by strangers before I got married. When I was younger, that seemed crazy and like a surefire way to get murdered. But now I wish I’d tried it out!

So ladies, if you’re unattached, maybe look him up. Or any spanko man that makes your knees weak. Obviously, take precautions, but seize the day!

4 comments on “Be still, my heart! (Or, you know, another part of my anatomy)

  1. Hi there,

    I just want to share how much I loved reading this! It seriously means a lot to me, and is incredibly flattering. I make spankings videos for three main reasons: 1) I love being able to make them exactly how I want them to be 2) admittedly, I like seeing myself in them and 3) to hear reactions like yours.

    And I mean exactly like yours! Seriously, I love hearing from people who appreciate my videos! (And, if Iā€™m being totally honest, it means a lot more coming from female spankees.)

    Please feel free to reach out to me anytime! PunishmentsOnly@gmail, or you can DM me on fetlife (YoungCASpanker) or twitter (@PunishmentsOnly). Thank you again for the flattering post!

    Loren Punishments/Punishments Only

    1. Wow, thank you so much for replying! It means a lot to me that you came over here to read my new little spanking blog! PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing – it is way too hard to find videos like yours. Actually, that’s why I write spanking/erotic fiction – I like being able to make it exactly how I like to make it. So much of what’s out there is bad and it just doesn’t satisfy my needs! But your videos are PERFECT!

      I might… might reach out just to talk sometime. I’m not sure about it because I’m married and faithful, but you’d be so interesting to talk to and it might be nice to hear the perspective of a male spanker for when I’m trying to write from the point of view of one!

  2. (laughing) Did you feel like you were having a coronary when you got Loren’s response? I confess, I’m the one who directed him here when I saw your lovely post about him. He and I have been friends for over ten years.

    I did a similar thing years ago — I was crushing on pictures of this spanking/abduction video guy and I posted one of him on my blog, talking about how hot he was. And wouldn’t you know it, a friend of his saw it and told him about it, and he contacted me. Oh. My. God. And it turned out he was local, so we ended up meeting and playing.

    I figured I’d pay it forward. šŸ™‚ Hope it made your day!

    1. Ahhh thank you! YES I did hahaha! I feel like some big time celebrity came down from on high to notice me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Loren’s across the country from me, but I will CERTAINLY be fantasizing about meeting up someday!

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