About Me

I’m a woman who has been into spanking for as long as I can remember – most of us in the spanking community admit to feeling an attraction to it since childhood. I’ve been in a domestic discipline relationship, relationships with spanking used only sexually, and relationships with no spanking at all. I’m a hardcore spankee, never a spanker – I believe I’m inherently a type-B, naturally submissive person. I don’t mean that I’m a meek woman waiting to be told what to do – those who know me would tell you I’m quite the opposite! I mean that I’m uncomfortable being in charge. My current day job requires me to oversee a lot of people and hold them accountable for things and I HATE it. In jobs, I’m happiest when I have a strong man that I respect in charge.

When reading spanking stories and watching videos, I strongly prefer men spanking women, though sometimes I enjoy women spanking women if the spanking is good. I really can’t get into women spanking men.

I’ve been writing creatively since I was a child as well, so it’s only natural that I would incorporate spanking into my writing. I’ve ghost written some romance novels and have finally decided to write and publish them for myself, hence the birth of this blog!