It’s been a while!

Almost three months to be exact! Right after I started this blog, I had the opportunity to pursue a new career. So I’ve spent the last three months making a career change. Now things are a little more settled and I’m ready to start posting again.

I kind of wish I had a blog authority figure to spank me for neglecting my spanking blog 😉

Oh well, I’ll just have to imagine it.


Welcome to my Spanking blog! I am so excited to get into blogging about Spanking, since I’ve been thinking about it for years. Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re wondering exactly what this blog will be about.

I am a creative writer who happens to be into spanking. I write regular fiction, but whenever I feel the urge to write a spanking story, the words pour out of me like no other time. Of course, that’s not exactly the kind of writing you show your friends and family, so I’ve created this blog as a safe place for me to express that writing. I am currently working on some romance novels as well that feature a heavy amount of spanking – they’ll eventually be published digitally on Amazon.

In my personal life I read a large amount of non-erotic fiction, and in my reading situations often arise in which I really, really wish a spanking would happen – it’s the perfect setup – but of course it’s not adult material, so it doesn’t happen. That leaves me with nothing but my fantasies, imagining the story taking a different path. I’ve looked in vain for good erotic fiction writing – engrossing stories that I can love just as much as the normal ones that happen to have some spanking and sex in them. Sadly, my search has been mostly in vain! Too many spanking stories focus entirely on the spanking (and do a rather poor job of describing it, imo) and leave out the setup and the character development. And so, dear reader and fellow spanking enthusiast, I’ve taken it upon myself to create such fiction.

In this blog, I will post:

  • Excerpts from my romance novels
  • Exciting mini-series that continue over multiple posts
  • Isolated short stories
  • The occasional videos and pictures that I find satisfying
  • My musings on and personal experiences with adult spanking

I hope you’re as excited as I am! Stay tuned!