Missed Spanking Opportunities in TV Shows

Does this ever happen to you when you’re watching a show? A girl on the screen behaves like brat or gets caught in a lie, and the man in her life is furious, and you think “ooooh this is it, she’s not going to be able to sit for a week!” 99% of the time, the TV show writers are apparently NOT spankos, because I end up very disappointed :/

Such was the case last night when I was watching Dickinson on Apple TV+. It’s a very good show if you haven’t seen it. Emily Dickinson with modern music and lingo – I love it!

But in episode 10, Emily’s best friend is getting ready to marry her older brother. They’re kind of in love with each other, but in the end they decide that her marrying Emily’s brother is the best thing. The brother has been portrayed as a goofy, mostly clueless lovable guy for the whole season.

So her friend Sue is getting ready, and Emily comes to see her. She can tell that Sue is sad about what she’s giving up, so she leads her outside to prance around like they used to when they were younger. Unfortunately, Sue is wearing her expensive, custom-made wedding dress during the frolicking and it gets very dirty.

Later, Austin (Emily’s brother and Sue’s fiance) comes to see Sue before the wedding. He finds her crying and holding one of Emily’s poems. When he notices her ruined wedding dress, he suddenly transforms into an outraged authority figure. (This is when I perked up!) He’s incensed and asks her if she’s been inside all day getting ready like she was supposed to be. Sue sheepishly admits that she went out with Emily. Austin is furious and yells “Do you know how much I paid for that dress?!” Then he notices the poem – he’s aware that Emily and Sue kind of had a thing for each other. He strides off to go confront Emily and Sue pleads for him to stop, but he roars “Don’t you dare!” at her.

Austin storms through the house in search of Emily. When he finds her, he rips her a new one and declares that he is the man of the house (their father is away in Washington) and he is in charge of her. He bans her from the wedding and locks her in her room for the ceremony.

An enraged Austin harshly rebuking Emily

I loved the scene so much that I watched it again. In a perfect world, Austin would have first spanked his soon-to-be-wife, then done the same to his sister. Preferably together! Imagine a subdued Emily wincing as she sits on a punished bottom during the ceremony, and a contrite young bride walking down the aisle on her husband’s arm, who she has learned is not to be trifled with. What a missed opportunity!

I wish there could be spanking videos filmed with the same level of writing and screenplay as mainstream TV shows. Alas, for now they’ll exist only in my head!

Questing for Authority

Yes, three posts in one night! I’ve been holding them in my head lately, so I might as well get it all out now.

As I mentioned earlier, I recently made a career change. I now work as a freelancer, so I go to a private work space and spend a lot of time quietly working on my computer alone. It’s great for a lot of reasons; flexibility, low stress, and actually more earning potential than my last job.

But at the same time, I find part of myself… questing for an authority figure.

Do you believe that people have energy or give off vibes? I’m not sure that I do, but you have to admit that people pick up on so much underlying meaning that’s not verbal. Now that I am my own boss, I feel like I’m a little incomplete. I feel like some inner part of me is longing for an authority figure.

As a (secretly) submissive woman, I’ve always worked best under a strong male leader. When a man who is weak, stupid, or otherwise undeserving of respect is in charge, I find that it brings out my contempt and brattiness. When a woman is in charge, I feel like it’s pretty neutral – doesn’t affect me one way or the other. But when a strong, effective, man is in charge… it gives me goosebumps! Then I strive to please him in my work. I flirt with danger by tempting myself with small disobediences and imagine how he would take me to task.

So now that I am, for the first time in my working life, in charge of myself… I feel a little lost. As a closet submissive, I really enjoy the dynamic of working under someone.

I feel like my energy/vibe right now is searching/longing for a supervisor. I find myself reacting strongly to my male clients and imagining what would happen if I displease them.

Somehow, I think my vanilla husband even felt it. We haven’t had much sex lately, due to lots of hectic life changes. But the other night, when I was feeling particularly in need of an authority figure, he somehow sensed that I was ripe. As I went for our usual goodnight kiss, he grabbed me, kissed me deeply, and forced me against the couch. Things got hot and heavy from there, and we FINALLY had sex!

So I do think that we give off energy that others can pick up on. What do you think? Guys, can you feel it with a woman is dying to be dominated?

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