The first punishment spanking I ever got as an adult

Ah, I remember it well… I was 19 and in college. I had my first boyfriend ever, and while we experimented A LOT, I had a hard time revealing my secret love of spanking to him.

One time he had to go on some kind of trip – I can’t remember where or for what – so he was out of town for a couple of weeks. Of course, I pined after him like you can only pine after your first serious love, and I hung out with our friends to distract myself.

One night we were drinking in my friend’s dorm room. I generally get crazier the more I drink, so I was being ridiculous. Our dorm was a high rise and we were on the 10th floor. The building was super old, built before safety regulations, so the windows actually slid to the side to open all the way – literally nothing to stop you from jumping or falling out. In my drunken state, I laid on my back on the bed in front of the window and started playing with kleenex. I would take a kleenex, put it over my face, then blow a quick puff of air to make it fly up. Then it would get sucked out of the open window. I found this HILARIOUS, but at some point decided that I needed to try to catch the kleenex once they had escaped the building. So I started leaning out the window, flailing my arms around to catch the wayward tissues.

My friends freaked out, and my friend’s boyfriend pulled me back in. Of course, I had to be restrained a few more times (alcohol only accentuates my natural stubbornness), but they kept me from dying.

A few days later, my boyfriend was back in town and we were hanging out with those friends in the same dorm room. Suddenly my female friend piped up to tattle on how I’d “almost died” by “trying to jump out of the window.”

“You did what?” my boyfriend asked.

I laughed and explained that it was just an instance of drunk logic. But my friends were no help – they kept jumping in with “She was crazy!” and “I had to pull her back in 100 times!”

My boyfriend just said “I see. Come here,” and pulled me over his lap, right there on the bed in front of the other couple. I put up a laughable fight, because let’s be honest, I was thrilled!

He started to spank me over my jeans with his hand. Our male friend, ever helpful, asked him if he wanted a belt. He accepted and administered a pretty good spanking over my jeans right there with the belt. Our friends watched and laughed, and you could tell they were a bit satisfied to see me punished for the anxiety I had caused them.

After that I was amazingly calm and tractable and hugged my boyfriend for the rest of the outing. When we got back to my dorm, I jumped him for sex. He was amazed to find me incredibly ready to go! Unfortunately, I was unable to find the courage to tell him that that was what I wanted, and being a 20 year old boy, he failed to make the connection.

Oh, what could have been!

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  1. As you know, Young Lady, I am a gentleman whose first responsibility to a woman is to protect her and this means from her own misbehavior/actions/foolishness/nonsense that may put her in harms way. To me, you were lucky, no matter how much you enjoy being spanked, to only receive the mild spanking that you seem to have gotten. Had it been me your jeans would have been removed, in front of everyone, and your panties (which you had better have been wearing) would have been lowered to your knees so that I could give you a good hard bare bottom spanking. Scolding would have been a large part of the spanking, as well, along with corner time while the rest of us went about our socializing.


    1. Yikes! I appreciate your commitment. I 100% agree that I deserved far worse! Annnnd there have been countless times in my life when I pulled the same type of shenanigans… I’m a bit of a risk taker/adrenaline junkie. Pretty lucky that I’ve never sustained serious injury. Had I had someone like you around, I believe that far fewer risks would have been taken!

      1. Virginia, there is no doubt in my mind that, even today, you still take far too many risks in different ways and still need to be spanked for acting like the defiant, rebellious, strong willed teenager that you do.

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